Hex shaft adapter

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Buy a Hex Taper Shaft Adapter [95165GS] for your Lawn Equipment - We have the parts and diagrams to make your repairs easy. 877-346-4814. Departments Accessories Appliance Parts Exercise ...

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The 12mm hex adapters are easy to install, compatible with Traxxas short course and rally wheels, and will also fit most standard 12mm hex-style wheels. Originally designed for the 100+mph XO-1 Supercar, steel-splined driveshafts with 6mm axles can now be added to your favorite 4WD off-road model.

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POBCO Hex Shaft adapters slide over the hex shaft to allow the inside diameter of the roller to rotate freely on the outside diameter of the adapter. POBCO spring-loaded rollers with hex shafts use these adapters. SS adapters have a 1/8" FT dimension.

Place a 7/32" hex key inside the hex slot of the hosel adapter for .335 and .350 adapters and a 6mm hex key within the hex slot for .370 hosel adapters. Apply epoxy within the hosel as well as to the outside of the hosel adapter. Be careful not to use too much epoxy or it will come up through the hex port and get inside the compression nut!Designed to convert bits from HEX to Round output draft shaft or Round to HEX output draft shaft.Adaptors allow easy conversion of HEX or Round output drive shaft augers to HEX or Round shaft bits for digging.